Musical Theater Training

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Classes held at THE MILLER PLACE INN
195 N. Country Road
Miller Place, NY 11764-2000

Dear Miss Sari,

What an amazing show!  You did such an awesome job with these kids.  You're absolutely right...they were professional, confident and enthusiastic.  They were shining stars. And that is a reflection on you.  Great job!  We look forward to your next theatrical endeavor.  Please let us know when the next play will be.  We can't wait to be a part of it!  Thanks again to you and the crew and the precious cast.  What a great experience.  Everyone was awesome!


Dear Miss Sari,

I'm sure I told you my sister in-law is a working actor on Broadway, Tours, Radio City, etc...  I'm telling you this because she was so impressed with the show. She said it is really difficult to teach kids at that age to do all they did. She said you and your staff put so much thought and effort in and you must be wonderful teachers because what you accomplished was not an easy task. She really enjoyed the show. She thought it was fabulous.

And from a more personal standpoint, my daughter's class did a powerpoint presentations last week. Most of the kids were nervous and had jumpy voices. Dev was totally at ease in front of the classroom and almost was walking with a swagger. She was engaging and totally at ease. I am positive that is from being enrolled in your program. She has gained so much confidence and is at ease in front of a crowd. Can't wait til next year.



Dear Miss Sari,

Our daughter Sophia absolutely loves her classes and teachers at Theatrics Performing Arts.  Sophia first met Miss Sari while taking her musical theatre classes at a dance studio in Kings Park.  When she heard that MIss Sari was starting her own theatre program, she said she had to be a part of it!  Our commute to Miller Place takes 40 minutes to an hour each way, but it is well worth it! Sophia looks forward to her class every week. MIss Sari is professonal, compassionate, and very talented.  We feel very fortunate that Miss Sari started her own theatre program.  It continues to be an outstanding experience for our daughter.  Thank you Miss Sari for your wonderful musical and dance visions and for inspiring Sophia.  Thank you also to all the wonderful members of your staff.

Fondly, Jenn & Mike S.

Dear Miss Sari,

Sari...Thank YOU!! You did an amazing job... I know my daughter had NO prior experience and to see her up there was so awesome.  We were so proud of her...  I want to say thanks again.  She really enjoyed the program and loved going every week.  She said she wants to do it 10 more times.  :-) 



Dear Miss Sari,

THEATRICS was a lot of fun! I've always been afraid to perform & act onstage, but I've always wanted to try it out.  Thanks to you I was able to.  I thought I would never get over my stage-fright but thanks to THEATRICS I was able to. Thank you so much for that.


We love Theatrics!  My daughter had an amazing time learning from Miss Sari and her staff!  I've been a performer for more than 25 years and am amazed at the program they've put together.


Dear Miss Sari,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed last night's "little thespian" performance!  Gabby really enjoyed herself at your classes this year and we hope to join again in September.

Thanks again - Donna.

Dear Miss Sari,

Thank you so much for a wonderful semester. Kaya really enjoyed working with you, Dennis, Chad, Ashley & Jessie.  Thank you so much for all your hard work, creativity and dedication.

Thanks again - Ellen and Kaya.